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A leading day and boarding school for 4-13 year old boys and girls

Packwood lunch 2
Packwood girls in tree house
Packwood library 2
Packwood girls
op croquet
Packwood house with cricket2
Packwood snow fun
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Term dates

Spring Term 2017

Boarders – Wednesday 11th January at 7.30 pm
Day Children – Thursday 12th January at 8.45 am
1st Exeat: 27th – 29th January
Half Term: 10th – 19th February
2nd Exeat: 3rd – 5th March
Term Ends: 23rd March (12 noon)

Summer Term 2017

Boarders – Wednesday 19th April at 7.30 pm
Day Children – Thursday 20th April at 8.45 am
1st Exeat: 28th April - 1st May
2nd Exeat: 12th - 14th May
Half Term: 26th May - 4th June
Common Entrance: 6th - 9th June
3rd Exeat: 23rd - 25th June
Sports and Prize Giving: 8th July
Term Ends: 8th July

Autumn Term 2017 (Provisional)

Boarders – Wednesday 6th September at 7.30 pm
Day Children – Thursday 7th September at 8.45 am
1st Exeat: 22nd - 24th September
2nd Exeat: 6th - 8th October
Half Term: 20th - 29th October
3rd Exeat: 17th - 19th November
4th Exeat: 1st - 3rd December
Term Ends: 13th December (after Carol Service)

Spring Term 2018 (Provisional) 

Boarders – Wednesday 10th January at 7.30 pm
Day Children – Thursday 11th January at 8.45 am
1st Exeat: 26th – 28th January
Half Term: 9th – 18th February
2nd Exeat: 2nd – 4th March
Term Ends: 22nd March (12 noon)