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Great finale for lacrosse girls

20th March, 2017

There was a successful end to the lacrosse season for the senior girls yesterday at the Counties Lacrosse Tournaments in Manchester. Team coach, Mrs Draper reports:

“The girls played brilliant lacrosse and never let up on their drive. It was an incredible exhibition of skill, determination and competitive spirit even after the busiest week imaginable!

“The Shropshire B team, captained by Packwood’s Genevieve B, not only came away with the winners’ trophy, but also along the way Liberty C was named Shropshire Bs Most Valued Player.

“The A team players were unlucky not to claim top spot in their group – they finished a very creditable second, missing out to Lancashire by just one goal. However, another Packwood girl, Isabel M, collected the Most Valued Player award for Shropshire A team.

“It was a wonderful day and showed that Packwood’s players are an invaluable part of the county teams. What an excellent way to end the season!”

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